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Thursday 13 September 2012

Wednesday 12th September

View to Grange-over-Sands
A very wet and soggy morning and certainly not a morning for catching a bus into Morecambe however we braved getting out for the 1pm bus.  It was horrendous with the bus windows all steamed up and even when you wiped them clean the rain was blowing horizontally across the bay so you couldn’t see anything anyway!  As we got off the bus we spotted a KFC so dived in there for some lunch.  As we came out the rain stopped and it became a lovely, though breezy, afternoon.  We walked onto the prom and out onto the stone pier where we watched a seagull pick up a mussel, fly up, drop it on the ground and then swoop down and eat the mussel which had come out of its shell as it cracked on landing!
Eric Morecambe
We walked on and saw the statue of Eric Morecambe.  I found it slightly disturbing as it was life size and very life like!  The Queen unveiled the statue in 1999 – I wonder if she found it disturbing too?!

We called into the RNLI shop in Morecambe and I was served by two elderly ladies.  One asked me where I was from so I said that Hayling Island is our local Life Boat station.  The other one asked me it that was in Essex and I replied “no, Hampshire”.  To which she replied “oh have they moved the borders again”!!!!!!!!!!!

We caught the bus back to Hest Bank and this time we were able to see the view through the bus windows!  We walked back to Mary H where we had a lovely evening though no sunset as there was a low cloud.

Today was weigh day and in the last 2 weeks I have lost 3lbs.  I will be honest and say that those were lost in the first week – I didn’t lose anything last week which I’m not surprised about though still disappointed.

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