I am Linda and along with my husband Richard and our dog Muffin we enjoy our summers on the UK's canal system

Sunday 19 May 2013

Thursday 16th May

We decided last night to go back to Ellesmere for the night before going down onto the Monty.  Once again we got stuck behind a hire boat going at a snail’s pace.

Ellesmere was fairly empty when we arrived at lunchtime but it filled up during the day.  Richard and Jim took the dogs for a walk round The Mere while Penny and I summoned up the energy to walk into town!  Even though we had both been to Ellesmere before we had forgotten what a sad town it is.  There was very little to look at so we decided to walk to The Mere.  By this time the sun had come out (yes it really had come out!) and we were too warm wrapped up for a winter’s day!  We came across Richard and Jim who were trying to teach Muffin to swim!  We threw sticks in the water which Niamh swam after and brought them back to almost the edge which Muffin then pulled out of her mouth and pretended that he had done it!  Even with Niamh swimming Muffin won’t go out of his depth – what a wimp!  I thought all dogs could swim but according to a canine hydrotherapist I found on the internet – they can’t!  When we first took Millie on the canals I did some research and found that all cats can swim it’s just that some choose not to!  So maybe cats can swim and dogs can’t – not what we have all been led to believe.


Why go and get it myself when Niamh will get it for me!
On our return to the boat Richard and I went to Tescos for a small shop!

While Penny and I were in Ellesmere earlier we noticed a Chinese take-away so it was decided to partake of its services. The menu is extensive and it took us ages to choose. The cost was very reasonable (well for us Southerners anyway) and the food was excellent. A good choice and we can certainly recommend it.
Paddock No 2 Bridge 9W to Ellesmere Wharf
5.43 miles
0 locks
0 lift/swing bridges

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  1. Like you I was convinced all dogs could swim, that is until son in laws father decided that it was about time his staffy learnt to swim and pushed him off the boat (they were on a boat on the broads at the time.) The staffy sank and son in laws father had to jump in and rescue it!!

    Best wishes