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Wednesday 19 June 2013

Devil's Garden - Tuesday 18th June

We were a bit worried that we would be woken up early with traffic going over Acton Bridge but, in fact, it was 7.45am - Muffin is getting so much better in the mornings :-)

We cruised down to Dutton lock and then on downstream.  We passed Devil's Garden and went down to the Frodsham Arm where we turned round.  The lock keeper at Dutton lock had said that we should be able to go down the arm but that farmers had blocked it off.  In fact there was an old BW sign there as well, whether or not the farmers had put it there we will never know.
Frodsham Arm
We moored up at Devil's Garden along with another boat who promptly left - was it something we said?  We had a very lazy afternoon, I managed to catch up on a pile of canal magazines which I had been promising myself I would read. Richard as usual had itchy feet - he can't sit still for very long :-(

View through side hatch
Devil's Garden has got to be one of my favourite, if not my very favourite, mooring place on the system.  There is one spot on the Thames which I love too but Devil's Garden is soooo peaceful.

I was going to make a chicken dish for supper but the weather was so fantastic that we had an impromptu barbecue. We had bought a pan which looks like a wok with holes in it but is in fact for barbecuing vegetables so we had a go.  I marinated some mushrooms, peppers and cauliflower though I wouldn't bother with the cauli again as it was pretty raw and would probably need to be done on its own but the mushrooms and peppers were lovely.

BBQ site - taken from side hatch

Needless to say we had a bottle of wine with our BBQ and Muffin wanted his share too!  The saying "like father like son" springs to mind!
We used the freesat for the first time for ages as there was no TV signal but the satellite signal was right over the boat so every time someone moved we lost the picture - #annoyedtvwatcher!

Acton Bridge to Devil's Garden
3.34 miles
1 lock

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