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Thursday 27 June 2013

New Islington Marina (Rochdale Canal) - Wednesday 26th June

We needed to move this morning to empty the toilet cassettes, get water and dispose of rubbish.  We left our mooring spot hoping that it would still be there when we returned - it was :-)
Our plan for today was to walk up the Rochdale Nine - the first nine locks on the Rochdale Canal which go up through the middle, and sometimes under, Manchester.  It is always nice to walk along a city canal - you see things that you miss from the boat.  All my photos from today were taken from our walk.

Our plan was to move up the Rochdale Nine tomorrow and stay in New Islington Marina for a night before heading up the Rochdale locks proper on Friday.  However when we got to New Islington Marina we found Huffler there (you may remember I mentioned last week about Huffler coming down the Rochdale Canal) and we decided to come up the Nine today. We have been very happy in Castlefields but decided that a change of scenery would be good.  Also Huffler was doing a Sainsburys delivery order so I thought I would have a go too.
We walked back into the centre of the city and caught a couple of buses back to Mary H stopping Tesco Express en route.  Wen we got back to Castlefields Richard from Magic came past - we said that we were considering moving and he asked if we did if they could have our spot so we decided to go for it.  Richard (Magic) reversed round and we slid out of our mooring and they slid in - all very slick.  We turned round and headed back to the first lock.  As we headed to the bottom lock Richard (Magic) offered to help us up through the locks - what a gent!  As we were in the bottom lock the chap (Simon Lord) from the pretty Dutch barge narrowboat which had been opposite us offered to help us up through the locks too - another star.  I tried to do the locks but just couldn't manage climbing up onto the lock beams to cross over with my knee being as it is so I left the three men to it.  With three of them working the locks we were up in record time - 2 hours and 10 minutes which would have been less if we hadn't had to wait at two locks for boats coming down.
We turned into New Islington Marina and moored up and had a nice glass of wine with Simon (Richard had declined as he wanted to go to Aldi).
I worked on my Sainsburys order and submitted it - I just hope it arrives tomorrow!!

The two Richards

1.67 miles
11 locks

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  1. Linda it is so lovely to meet another blogger who like pictures. So many like talking about it - like yu I like to SEE it. Thank you.