I am Linda and along with my husband Richard and our dog Muffin we enjoy our summers on the UK's canal system

Saturday 27 July 2013

East Portal Standedge Tunnel (Huddersfield Narrow Canal) – Tuesday 23rd July

We were woken up about 6am with a tremendous thunderstorm – I’m convinced I could hear it rumbling around in the tunnel!

Sid's Cafe
Today was a day off and with the use of the car.  Richard is a great Last of the Summer Wine fan and really wanted to go to Holmfirth where it was filmed - to keep the skipper happy we all went along with the idea!  We managed to find a parking space in the town which was much busier than Richard thought it would be.  We went to the Tourist Information Office and got all the low down on where to find the important locations.  We wandered down to Sid’s Café and sat outside to have lunch.  Richard couldn’t seem to keep the smile off his face!  Next stop was Nora Batty’s house which is now a holiday let.  Underneath is where Compo lived and is now an exhibition centre which of course we had to have a look in.  I have to admit that I did find it interesting and gave things in a chronological order – Richard watches LOSW on Yesterday and one day it can be episode 4 and the next it’s episode 106, so the exhibition has helped poor confused me!

Nora Batty's House
After Holmfirth we drove into the Peak District National Park to Longdendale where we took the dogs for a lovely walk on part of the trail.

Compo's kitchen
On our return to Mary H we had been joined by Lucia and Little John (the single hander from Saturday) who will also be going through the tunnel tomorrow.
The original main cast members
 Richard decided to start the preparations for tomorrow.  Everything has to come off the roof and with our rounded cratch that had to come off too.  Of course nothing is easy and it poured with rain when he was half way through! 

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