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Monday, 26 May 2014

Bath Lock 10 (Kennet and Avon Canal) – Thursday 22nd May

We left Keynsham feeling sad as we were leaving Dot and Gordon behind but I’m sure we will meet up with them somewhere else this summer.  Dot is going to make me a piece of stained glass so we WILL have to find them somewhere!

Reflections at Keysham
Leaving Keynsham
Swineford Lock
It was a lovely trip up to Bath through Swineford, Saltford and Kelston Locks.  The locks themselves are in lovely locations and the weirs make them so interesting.  At Saltford Lock we came across a group of people from Lloyds Bank who were on a sort of team building exercise and were giving the lock a good spruce up.  I had read about groups from M & S doing this – a great team building exercise as well as helping the canals.  It was funny though because as we arrived there were people everywhere in fluorescent jackets but as soon as they saw us they all disappeared!  I had high hopes of not having much to do but it wasn’t to be!  They had in fact gone for a coffee break so maybe it was just bad timing for us.

Flower Sculpture opposite Saltford Lock
Kelston Weir
 As we approached Bath we could see a very dark cloud ahead and we both had visions of having to do the Deep Lock in the pouring rain.  In fact the rain never came so we were very lucky.  The river into Bath isn’t really very interesting or at least I don’t think it is.  There was really only one building that I felt was worthy of a photo.  We decided not to moor along the river but to go up beyond Lock 10 on the canal.  We had wanted to moor at Pulteney Bridge but according to C&RT they are working on the mooring and it is closed however I have since discovered from a boating taxi driver that the moorings are closed as last summer a crowd of liveaboards moved in and there were real problems in getting them to move on.  Sad as it’s a lovely place to moor.
Rain clouds over Bath
Interesting building coming in to Bath
We went through Bath Bottom Lock and then into Bath Deep Lock.  It’s pretty scary at the bottom and Muffin wasn’t too sure either.  I’m not going to go into details here as to what happened in the lock as I have done a separate post here which will tell you all about it.
Leaving the world behind at the Deep Lock
Eeek Mum it's a long way up!
Needless to say that after my scare I was pretty shaken up and after we had moored up above Lock 10 I couldn’t stop my hands from shaking.  I then got a rotten headache and slept for about an hour.  I felt a bit better later but still very upset.

Keynsham to Bath
9.06 miles
7 locks

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