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Sunday 25 May 2014

Keynsham (Kennet and Avon Canal) – Wednesday 21st May

Richard’s birthday :-)

We prepared to set sail from Bristol and realised that we needed more crew so we press ganged two likely suspects as they walked along the pontoon.  OK so I’m getting a bit carried away here!  We were taking Richard’s niece and nephew with us to Keynsham. 

Mary H and the SS Great Britain (thanks Dot)

We went for a quick trip round the harbour and then stopped at the service pontoon (well that’s a laugh as it’s also the ferry pontoon so it can get a bit nasty apparently).  Richard did the toilet emptying while I put the rubbish in the bin at the back of Brunel’s Buttery.  Just as we were leaving the pontoon a lady shouted at me that the bin I had put the rubbish in were private and would I remove it.  I declined so she got it out and dumped it on the pontoon in front of me splitting one of the bags in the process.  The book says there is a rubbish bin there so I put my rubbish in one!  The fact that it was the wrong one was a genuine mistake and in my mind there was no reason for the verbal abuse.  I did suggest to her that if the bin is private then maybe they should put a notice on it to that affect.  It rather spoilt Bristol for me :-(

The Earl of Pembroke

We headed off out of the city along with Ewn Ha Cul.  The sun was shining and was passed the Earl of Pembroke a wooden barque, currently used for charity fund raising, corporate entertaining and film work. She was built in Pukavik, Sweden as "Orion" in 1945 or 1948. The ship was used to haul timber in the Baltic Sea until 1974, when she was laid up. She was purchased in 1979 and began restoration in 1985.  As part of the restoration, the rig was changed from the original Schooner to her current barque rig, and she was renamed "The Earl of Pembroke", which was the original name of HMS Endeavour
Leaving Bristol (thanks Dot)
We went up through Netham lock which was open and then on up to Hanham lock.  Next was Keynsham where we pulled over just after the lock.  We had a lovely lunch of picnicky things and then it was time for our crew to catch a train back into Bristol.  I think and hope they enjoyed themselves – they were just getting into the swing of doing the locks.  Next time we will have to find more for them to do – Caen Hill perhaps!

In the evening we sat on the pontoon with Dot and Gordon and had a bottle (or was it two) of sparkling wine and then went to the Lock Keeper for dinner.  An excellent night was had by all :-)

Bristol Harbour to Keynsham
8.45 miles
3 locks

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