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Tuesday 8 July 2014

Bottom of Woodham Locks (Basingstoke Canal) – Monday 7th July

We went for a walk up into Shepperton this morning.  (I used the photos I took for yesterday’s blog!).  It doesn’t appear to me to have changed that much in the 14 years I have been away and even the amount of charity shops seems to have diminished.  We had coffee by the Nat West bank – I say that because for the life of me I can’t remember what the shop used to be!

Muffin had an all over shower this morning – the doggy smell was becoming a bit too much!  Richard has made gates for either end of the boat so Muffin can’t escape but he hadn’t put the one up at the front so Muffin escaped.  We enticed him back on board (he knew what was happening) and I herded him up to the bathroom and he very reluctantly just walked into the shower – he is a good boy sometimes!

Manor House, Shepperton
Church Square, Shepperton
We left our moorings after lunch and passed the lovely Shepperton Manor House and Church Square.  We stopped below Shepperton Lock to avail ourselves of the services and then moved on to the River Wey.  We filled with water and then went through Thames Lock and paid our dues.  We were able to get a transit licence to go down to the Basingstoke Canal and then buy a River Wey licence for when we come off the canal – I had been worried that we would have to pay for the Wey even though we weren’t using it. 
Coxes Mill and Lock
Strange goose and her brood
We had three locks to go up before the turning to the Basingstoke Canal.  You go under the M25 and then just before the railway bridge there is a turning – very odd!  As we approached Woodham Bottom Lock we saw two boats moored up – the back one being Ewn na Cul.  Gordon appeared from the engine hole followed shortly by Dot – no she hadn’t been down the engine hole but couldn’t get out of the boat because the floor was up!  We put our chairs in the trees and had a cup of tea which soon turned into a bottle of wine or several!  No dinner just crisps, cheese and sandwiches!

3.83 miles
4 locks

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