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Monday 20 July 2015

The Promenade, Reading (River Thames) – Sunday 19th July

We left Henley in convoy with Festina Lente and Ferndale.  Up through Marsh Lock to Shiplake Lock where we all dumped the dumpables and filled up with water.  Through Sonning Lock and up to Reading where we stopped at Tesco and the others went to Better Boating for fuel.  We had got our fuel from Thames Diesel who were moored in front of us at Henley.

We passed a lovely house with plenty of mooring for all the traditional boats I am going to buy when I win the lottery.  I just hope the house will be for sale too!  Mind you if I go in and offer silly money I’m sure they will sell.  (Note to self – must go out and buy a lottery ticket!)

After Tesco it was Caversham Lock where there was a queue.  Ferndale was at the head of the queue and Diane said that we were lucky we hadn’t been any earlier as it had been chaotic with boats breasted up on the lock waiting and others just dancing on the river waiting.  On a Monday I thought but of course it was Sunday.  I am completely out on my days at present :-(  We went under the new pedestrian bridge at Caversham.  The 394 foot span was started in October 2014 and looks as if it is very near to completion.

We planned to moor up at the Promenade in Caversham where we moored twice last year.  I had heard all sorts of rumours that you can’t moor there any more as there are notices saying “no mooring” however it seems that people are ignoring the signs and one boat was actually moored in front of a notice.  So we moored up too!  We were nicely settled when Richard discovered a wasp’s nest.  He and Ray decided that a bucket of water would do the trick but that just made the wasps angrier so we had to move to the other end of the moored boats and all was peaceful.
(Photo courtesy of Maffi)
Everyone sat out on the grass but it was so hot we had to move to the shade.  It had been a lovely though windy day.  Us ladies had done the washing and were really pleased to get it all dry so easily!

9.96 miles
4 locks

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