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Sunday 23 August 2015

Wigrams Turn Marina (Oxford Canal) – Friday 21st August

We are now safely moored up in Wigrams Turn Marina.  It didn’t take us long to get here from Chambers Bridge and then the steep turn into the marina which was interesting in the wind.  We checked in and got a nasty shock as the price was almost £150 more than I had been quoted but fortunately we discovered that the lady had worked it out for a month on a daily rate and not a month as being a twelfth of a year – phew!  The pontoons at Wigrams are long ones with either three or four boats either side - we have a nice berth on an end and once the boat beside us went we have a lovely view over the marina.  There are 226 berths but having the long pontoons it doesn’t feel like it.  As far as I can ascertain the marina was built in 2007 and could really do with a bit of updating but on the whole it is extremely nice.
Left into Wigrams Turn Marina
Right up the Grand Union

Straight on onto the South Oxford

Just in case you didn't believe me!
We did very little in the afternoon as there was very little to do and it was rather grey however it turned out into a lovely evening.

View from the side hatch
It’s now Saturday and I’m writing this in the hot sunshine.  Sue (FL) and her Mum have just popped round to say hello and goodbye as they have been to a wedding and are now about to head out onto the cut once again.  I need to start packing up and sorting out before Victoria arrives to take us home.  I’m not doing a big clean as hopefully while we are away the engineer from Wigrams will come to replace the collar on our wood burning stove and no doubt that will cause a lot of dust and ash.

How can it be such a lovely day yesterday and be pouring with rain today?  Fortunately Richard mowed the lawn as soon as we got home as otherwise goodness only knows when it would get done.  There is a lot of weeding to do and my triffid (vine) needs severe pruning again.  Tomorrow we are off to Devon for six days for my sister’s birthday.  The weekend after that we are off to Cheltenham for a family party to celebrate the 75th birthday of one of my cousins and the following weekend its off to Swansea for my Godson’s wedding.  So a busy time – we will be going back to Mary H for a rest I think!

See you all in a few weeks time :-)

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