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Thursday 1 October 2015

Above Godstow Lock (Oxford Canal / River Thames) – Wednesday 30th September

The battery voltage had held its own during the night so we thought we didn’t need to go quite so quickly back to Newbury HOWEVER on looking at the weather forecast it looks as if this lovely weather is going to break on Tuesday and I really don’t fancy doing the K & A locks in the rain.  So our new plan is to get to Newbury on Monday.

I walked between Roundham and Kidlington Green locks where we found someone coming out so we were able to go straight in.

At Duke’s Lock there was a boat trying to get in the lock at the bottom but the gate wouldn’t open right back.  After a lot of fishing about we managed to get the gate to go back enough to get the boat in and eventually us out.  I reported it to C&RT but whether they will sort their gate out before it gets bashed to pieces I don’t know.
Dukes Cut Lock
We then did a left turn down Dukes Cut and through the silly little Dukes Cut Lock.  I was wondering if it’s there to stop the dirty canal water getting into the Thames or the dirty Thames water getting into the canal!
The Trout
Another left turn at the junction with the Thames and then we pulled over just before Godstow Lock.  When we had gone to The Trout for Sunday lunch back in August it wasn’t a good experience so I wrote and complained and got a £30 voucher back with their apologies.  We could have used it at any of the pubs in the chain but we thought we might as well use it at The Trout and see if it was any better.  We both had a three course meal and rather too much to drink for a lunchtime!  Everything was very good and the food was excellent.  I’m glad we went back as it has restored our faith in the place.
 We walked back to the boat, put the deck chairs on the bank, had a coffee and promptly both fell asleep!  It really was glorious sitting out and we stayed sitting out and playing ball with Muffin until the Autumn chill drove us inside.

As the sun set I took my camera round the ruined Nunnery and tried to take some arty shots.  They aren’t very good but I’m going to put them here anyway!


5.62 miles
5 locks

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