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Saturday 28 January 2017

Spain 2017 - Day 25

Thursday 26th January

We have had a couple of busy days so today was a quiet one.  I spent a lot of time researching yesterday’s journey – it was frustrating as I couldn’t seem to find what I was looking for.

After lunch we went to Pirulico Tower.  We parked up and walked the last bit – it was a really lovely walk.

The tower has been recently restored. The steps are steep but well worth it as the view is stunning.  Climb the last iron steps into the tower and then up the stone steps and the view is even better!  The tower is Moorish in origin and it yet another of the forts built for coastal defences. 

The cliffs either side of the path to the tower are interesting.

It was then a quick visit to the supermarket to stock up on our favourite sparkling wine to take home - €1.89 a bottle!

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