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Wednesday 9 August 2017

Pershore (River Avon) – Tuesday 8th August

I had such a bad night.  I felt sick as I went to bed and kept on waking up feeling sick until eventually I was sick.  Then it was the turn of the other end – I won’t go into any more details on that!  Fortunately, by the time I woke up I felt a lot better though rather wrung out and tired.  I don’t think it was a bug but I can’t think what I could have eaten last night to cause it.

Richard and I have given Penny and Jim our cabin – aren’t we nice hosts??!  We are trying out the new sleeping arrangements in the saloon.  The dinette is only 3ft 9ins wide so really much too small for two people to sleep on so Richard has made a removable extension and we have a 4ft inflatable mattress to use on it.  Last night the mattress went down a couple of times so it had to be blown up again – mind you we were both up and down all night anyway.  (Just read that bit back and it looks as if I mean up and down on the mattress but I meant to the loo!).  Richard has a plan for tonight so watch this space!

Muffin and his cousin, Freddie!
We cruised up the river to Pershore where the moorings were empty at 2pm but they did fill up later on.

In the afternoon I had a sleep while Richard and Jim took the dogs for a walk and Penny went into town.  Later I joined my Grandson, Tobyn, while he was having his tea – courtesy of Facetime! It’s lovely now as when he sees me on the iPad his little face breaks into a huge great smile.  We were doing clap hands together – a very special time for me.

The rain started about 6pm and it poured and poured – I just hope the river level boards don’t move to red!

Pershore is known as the capital of plum growing.  Its association with the plum is not a new thing, the area has been famous for its fruit growing since medieval times. Early in the 19th century the Pershore Yellow Egg Plum was found growing wild in Tiddesley Wood and by 1870 records show that over 900 tons of the fruit were being sent to market during harvest time.  To celebrate this famous fruit, Pershore holds a Plum Festival throughout the month of August, when the town turns “plum crazy” and the grand finale of this festival is the Plum Fayre and Farmers Market on August Bank Holiday Monday. 

12.02 miles
3 locks

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