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Sunday 18 March 2018

Mojacar - March 12th to 17th

Well we finally made to Mojacar albeit only for 2 weeks instead of 2 months. 

We flew out here on Monday from Gatwick on Easyjet. It looks as if Easyjet has more or less taken over the North Terminal but there were only a handful of employees around as they have gone digital! It works really well, for us anyway.

Most Easyjet flights leave at 07.20 but ours was much more civilised and left at 15.20.  We left spot on time and arrived 30 minutes early.  Almeria airport is very small and we were outside picking up our hire car in no time.  We drove to Mojacar to meet the apartment managers who showed us around the lovely apartment. We unpacked and flopped into bed.

Our first job on Tuesday morning was to go to the supermarket for food - Sue and Andy had given us a goody bag with milk, butter and bread in it but we couldn’t survive for long on that!  My favourite supermarket, Consum, is closed for refurbishment so we went to the Mercadona which has undergone a refurb since we were last here and I didn’t like it much.  After parting with about €100 we dropped it off at home and wandered over to our favourite bar, La Cabana.  Last year it was a decent walk but this year we can see it from the patio!  It didn’t take long for the troops to join us.  First Sue and Andy, followed by Roly (but no Bev), Dot and Gordon weren’t far behind.  After beers, tapas and burgers we moved next door to a new bar called The Salty Dog.  This is run by Jay who, last year, ran the Emerald Isle.  We were then joined by Paul, who had been on flight with us yesterday.  

Wednesday and Thursday went by in a bit of a blur! I had spent last week trying to get my step-father out of hospital after a four week stay.  He had had a fall and was taken in where they found he had a chest infection.  It seemed to be one round of antibiotics after another with the final one being given as an IV.  He was bed blocking as he only needed to have the IV antibiotic once every day and was fine other than that.  I can’t tell you the stress I was under trying to get him home before I came away.  Finally it was agreed that he could have the IV in Bognor hospital, 15 miles away.  It was down to me to get him there though! Fortunately I came up with the Friends of Ferring who have been transporting him there and back each day for a voluntary contribution.  I picked SF up on Thursday and got him home and settled before returning home and finally thinking about going on holiday.  I really needed a rest and not do much - so we didn’t!!

Friday was market day in Turre. It was a lovely sunny morning and the market was a good size.  We bought some fruit and veg and the rest of the gang at the Indian tapas bar for a drink.  Sadly the weather in the afternoon deteriorated and it was quite chilly.  Richard and I went for a walk and called in on Dot and Gordon where we soon demolished a bottle of wine!  Our apartment is over, what we would call at home, a parade of shops, which includes a Chinese restaurant so we decided to give it a try - it was excellent.  We are very lucky as our apartment is over an empty shop and an estate agents, so it is very quiet.

Yesterday we went to the caves at Sorbas but the tour took round 1.5 hours and I didn’t think my knee would stand up to it (it’s been playing me up again) so instead we drov up into the mountains.  Even though Richard enjoys driving the hairpins he found the manual car a bit of a pig!

It was worth it though as the views from the top were wonderful

However what we saw on the other side was even better. I thought we would have missed the almond blossom but we hadn’t and it was beautiful.

There aren’t many restaurants in the mountains so we drove back to Mojacar and decided to have an “afternoon tea” in Moca. In fact it was our main meal but it was mid-afternoon.  We were so shattered in the evening that we didn’t get to The Salty Dog for St. Patrick’s Day drinks.

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