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Monday, 9 April 2018

Dunchurch Pools Marina (North Oxford Canal) – Sunday 8th April

Yes we are still here   The forecast was dire so we made a decision to stay put for the day.  I didn’t move off the boat but spent the day catching up with emails that had been hanging around waiting to be worked on and catching up on the blog.

I’ve had a few comments on yesterday’s blog.  Tom (late of Waiouru) asked if he could see Waiouru in one of my photo – yes Tom she is three boats down from us!  In fact I have noticed a few well known names from the blogging world in Dunchurch Pools.  As well as Waiouru I have seen Triskaideka, Balmaha and Tacet!  Adam (Briar Rose) mentioned about when he tries to open my blog it comes up with a webring thing.  I have noticed it too but don’t know how to get rid of it – anyone know how I can do it???

Adam also asked me to do a blog about Dunchurch Pools.  So, as it is a rainy day – here goes! 

The marina is a very friendly place and the three people, Joe, Janine and Claire, who run it are lovely people.  The pontoons are either 57 or 72 feet and are steady – I hate pontoons which you jump onto and nearly fall in as it rocks around!  Security is going to be very prevalent – the fences are strong and, very soon, the main entrance will be finished and then we will be secure.  As the marina is new it does look a bit bare at present but there is a huge tree planting project going on at present.  Each tree is being propped up and has a water pipe down to its roots – they aren’t going to let these trees die!  The north pool looks to be about ¾ full and I gather that they will be soon start putting the electricity and water in the south pool.  There is wi-fi all round and each pair of moorings has a water tap.  I guess the word is getting around about how nice the marina is.  We love it here – if we turn left out of the marina it’s up to Hilmorton then north to wherever you like.  Turn right and Braunston is about an hour away.  From there London or Birmingham beckon but for us it will probably be the South Oxford or the River Soar. 

Here are a few photos taken on a very grey day!  One day when, or if, the sun shines I will take some more.
Nicely planted trees
Temporary marina office
South Pool
An arty shot – cross trees!
The island
Diesel, water, pump-out and elsan pontoon
The lovely entrance bridge – based on the bridges are Braunston Junction
The obligatory marina swans!

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  1. Linda you may have inadvertently joined a webring (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Webring). If I am right then there is possibly a link to the ring somewhere in your blog settings.