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Thursday 31 May 2018

Brittany - May 2018 (Part nine)

Wednesday 23rd May

We took Jim up to Locronan today - a lovely village lost in time and which is officially one of the ‘most beautiful villages in France’.  Owing to its drastic downturn in its economic fortunes, the rich medieval houses there have never changed and there are no modern buildings.  From 1469 through to the 17th century the village wove linen which was made into sails for French, English and Spanish navies. Medieval ships would gather in Douaranenez to be piloted together to the treacherous coast of Finistere, as they waited for a convoy to form, they would repair their sails with cloth from Locronan, however due to a law forbidding the export of sailcloth to England and the advent of broad-loomed weaving machines Locronan declined.  

We bought baguettes for lunch and sat on a wall eating them - I have to say that the bread was quite sharp and was cutting my mouth!

As we left Locronan we came across this lovely roundabout.

From Locronan we drove to Le Faou which P & J had visited once before.  The village dates from the 16th century and is listed as AMONG  the ‘most beautiful villages in France’ (remember Locronan IS one!!)

This photo is for my crochet friends.

From Le Faou we drove on until we found the first lock on the Nantes/Brest Canal.

As we had only had baguettes for lunch we needed a proper evening meal.  We stopped at the Intermarche and the men decided they would like ham, egg and chips!  Penny had already bought some chips and I had baked beans so we only had ham and eggs to buy.  Back at the caravan I realised that the chips weren’t oven chips but with a couple of baking trays and some corn oil I managed to serve up some pretty nice chips to go with the other things,

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