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Saturday 2 June 2018

Brittany - May 2018 (Part eleven)

Friday 25th May

Today was the last day of the four of us being together.  P & J head off to Roscoff tomorrow ready for a ferry home and we are heading to the north coast for a few days.

Penny and I went wine shopping.  Jim is 80 next month and Penny is organising a get together of Jim's side of the family and wanted to get some wine.  We weren't sure if we would be able to get what she wanted at the local Intermarche but it was fine and we bought up the shop!  We drove back to the site with bottles clanking and I was convinced that one of the sparkling bottles was going to pop!

In the afternoon the four of us took the dogs onto the beach.  They had such fun chasing each other around and seeing who could get to the ball first - we forgot to take our ball thrower but chasing after one ball seem to make it more fun!

This photo is taken from the beach showing our caravan

In the evening Richard and I said that we would drive to the local town to get pizzas.  Penny had seen one in the morning when she had taken Freddie to the vet for his check-up to go home.  When we got there it was closed and, to be honest, looked as if it had been closed for months!  We were just about to drive back when I noticed another one so we screamed to a halt and got four lovely pizzas in there.  We took them back to P & J's chalet and sat on their top deck eating while watching and listening to thunderstorms rumbling around us - we missed out completely.  These photos were taken from P & J's panoramic deck.


These two are zoomed in to show our caravan

When we got back to our caravan we had new neighbours.  An Austrian couple - first Austrians we had seen and their tent - first tent we had seen too!  They had a labrador type of dog which they left outside the tent when they went to bed.  He whined like mad and I think they must have eventually taken him in with them as it did finally go quiet!

I thought I would mention here about the site we have been staying on.  Its called Camping La Plage de Treguer.  It is in an excellent position right on the beach but sadly while we have been here they have been having a lot of building work done.  It's not been a real problem but it did make everywhere look a mess.  HOWEVER it will be finished very soon (June 1st we were told) and it should then be excellent.  A lovely pool, big reception and shop, huge facilities block and, what we think will be, a cafe.  The men finishing off the "cafe" block have worked so hard, a good 12 hours a day to get it finished.  I would certainly love to see the finished article.

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