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Monday 11 March 2019

Spain 2019 - Special day, pamper, pizza and ice-cream!!

Thursday 28th February

Today is Andalucía Day or Día de Andalucía.  This is celebrated every February 28th and commemorates the February 28th 1980 referendum on the Statute of Autonomy of Andalusia, in which the Andalusian electorate voted for the statute that made Andalusia an autonomous community of Spain.  People across Andalucía mark the region’s annual holiday, with events organised to celebrate its history and culture.  Politicians and Andalusians are set to gather at the parliament building in Sevilla City for a ceremony commemorating the anniversary.  It features the raising of the green and white Andalusian flag and the playing of the region’s anthem, the Himno de Andalucía (Hymn of Andalucía).  The Junta’s president also hands out the Medals of Andalucía to recognise work done by people in communities across the region.

Muffin took no notice of the special day as he just wanted to get rid of his woolly jumper!  The poor dog’s coat had grown so long that a) he must have been hot and b) he was taking so long to dry after being in the sea.  He went to Belinda, a lovely English girl, who has set up a grooming business here.  He now looks and smells lovely!  Belinda uses a selection of doggie perfumes and used DOG (Dolce and Gabbana) on Muffin.  Some others are Jinny Chow Dog Pawfume, CK-9, Pucci, Arfmani and Timmy Holedigger!!!

Belinda told us that she had just realised that she shouldn’t be working today with it being Andalucía Day.  Only cafes and restaurants are allowed to open and anybody else opening faces a fine of €2,000!  We had a look along the Playa and there were a lot of places shut but also a lot open!

During the afternoon I finally managed to get the blog up to date.  So with that, the excursions sorted (well at least on my part) and last night I got all the ironing done - so life is good!!!

Friday 1st March

We went in search of a dentist this morning as I managed to break a tooth yesterday – these things always happen while we are away   Trouble is that with Andalusia Day being on a Thursday most businesses are closed today.  Apparently if Andalusia Day is on a Tuesday they close on Monday too!  I will have to be careful until Monday.

As we were driving this morning a woman started running across the road in front of us from the other side.  Richard slammed the brakes on and just stopped in time.  She rushed round to Richard’s window, which was open, and I thought she was going to have a go at him, but she just kept apologising over and over again!!  She said she lives here but is always getting the traffic wrong!

I popped in to Coastal Properties while I was passing but, again, all the good places have gone.  She said we need to be thinking about 2021 now!!

As we were driving up our road where the caterpillars are we saw a long string of them so I jumped out of the car with my hair lacquer and sprayed them.

The solar heating has been on in the pool since Saturday and I’ve dipping my toes in each day to see if the water is getting warmer.  Today I can certainly feel a change 😊

We went out for lunch to Levante.  We hadn’t been there before but it always looks nice.  We both ordered the same – a BBQ pizza with extra mushrooms.  They were really good.  I think a mouse had been at mine!!

We didn’t have a pudding at Levante as the ice-cream parlour is finally open, so we wandered down there.  This was mine

And this was Richard’s

I like eating at lunchtime as it means I don’t have to worry about cooking!  I didn’t have anything else to eat and Richard cooked himself a couple of boiled eggs.

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