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Sunday 21 July 2019

Shepperton – Dockett Eddy Lane (River Thames) Saturday 20th July

We didn’t wake up until 8.15am – very unusual for Richard who seems to have an internal alarm clock set for 7.45am!  Maybe he just forgot to set it last night.

We were heading for Shepperton for the start of a few days of catching up with old friends.  The only trouble was – would there be any mooring?  Down through Chertsey Lock, a top up of water and then on down the river.  Also down came the rain and when we stopped at Dockett Eddy moorings (plenty of room) it was super heavy!  Richard managed to get one stake in and then dive down below to sit it out.
What a large houseboat!
I needed to do some housework before we had visitors, but it was soon done – the joy of a 60 foot by 6 foot 6 inch living space!

Old friends Shirley and Barry came for lunch and we sat chatting all afternoon.  Shirley’s eldest, Matthew, is the same age as Victoria, so we have known each other for 35 years! 

No sooner had Shirley and Barry gone than another, even older friend (!) Phil came to pick us up and take us back to their house for dinner.  I’ve known Barbara for about 50 years (OMG that was scary as I worked it out!)  We worked together, met our husbands (or ex in my case) at work and then married in the same year.  We sat out in their garden and had a lovely lasagne (it really was lovely Barbara!!) and stayed outside until quite late.  Barbara very kindly drove us home.

A lovely day with old friends and more tomorrow 😊

I had a bit of a shock this morning.  I went to get the rope to go down Chertsey Lock and found a fish entangled in the rope round the T post.  It’s tail was flapping and I couldn’t understand how it had got there.  As I got closer I saw that it was rubber and had nasty barbs on it.  I guess it must have been some kind of fishing lure!

2.53 miles
1 lock

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