I am Linda and along with my husband Richard and our dog Muffin we enjoy our summers on the UK's canal system

Wednesday 16 September 2020

Home - Monday 14th September

It was a lovely morning though quite hot – the temperature was up to 29° in the boat as we were leaving. 

The packing routine spun into action and it was soon done and then the cleaning had to be done but that didn’t take long.

Richard had started the car last night but when he went to start it this morning the battery was as dead as a dodo. I rang the marina office and before long someone had come along with jump leads and got the car going. I guess flat batteries are quite common with people leaving their boats for a long period of time.

We locked up, said goodbye to Mary H, but I realised that I had left the fridge door shut so Richard went back and opened it up – he wasn’t happy! I did offer to do it but, he went.

We had a tedious journey home with lorries trying to pass each other on the hilly, dual carriageway of the A34. The M3 was busy and we had forgotten all about the 50mph restriction on the M27. Richard said that he would much prefer the Oxford Canal on a sunny Sunday to being back in the real world!

We are now home. The weeds in the planters and pots have had a field day as Richard had them on a watering system, the flower beds aren’t too weedy. Other than that, everything is fine.

This year we have covered 319.43 miles and gone through 144 locks over 47 days. Thanks to Covid its been our shorted summer cruise but at least we have been able to get out.

So folks, thank you for reading my blog. We are still planning on a winter sojourn to Spain but who knows what the winter and 2021 will bring. One thing I hope that 2021 brings and that is a vaccine against Covid and it does seem that that is the only way it is going to be stopped in its tracks.

Today’s photos are all Thames lock keepers houses.

Catch you all soon. Keep well and stay safe everyone.

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