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Sunday 18 July 2021

Riverside - Stratford-upon-Avon (River Avon) – Friday 16th July

Even though it has been hot during the day the nights haven’t been.  We did leave the front doors open last night but I’m not sure it was really worth it. 


We have a lovely spot on the Riverside, but we are beside a bench.  I have put our net curtain across the side hatch.  This is for two reasons, one is so people can’t see in when they are sitting on the bench and secondly so that the sun can’t get it but the breeze can.  There are lots of benches, but people have chosen to sit on our one! 

We are actually moored on the Riverside Lawn.  There is a very ambitious project to improve the area.  If you want to read more you can at The Stratford Riverside Project’s website.  It’s a huge project but this is what it is all about.

The Stratford Riverside Project is a partnership between Stratford on Avon District Council and Stratford Town Trust. £1.5 m of grant funding has been secured from the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership via the government's Getting Building Fund giving Stratford a special opportunity to create new leisure and economic opportunities, reduce congestion, and improve air quality.  Working closely with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, a key pillar of the project is to protect, restore and enhance the area's rich biodiversity.

The park has been so quiet today and Muffin has loved it.  He will sit looking up at his ball on the top of the boat roof and will sit there until someone goes and play ball with him.  He then flops down under a chair until he has recovered.  We have placed our chairs under a tree beside the boat which is lovely. 


My cousin, Simon, and his wife, Deb, who live in Bidford came over for a cup of tea.  We got out our new visitors’ chairs and they christened them!  It was lovely to catch up as we haven’t seen them for ages.  Simon is Victoria’s Godfather so he will be coming to the wedding in October. 

The boat was hot in the evening, but I managed to cook a spaghetti bolognaise which we ate outside.

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