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Wednesday 1 June 2022

Our Canadian Dream 2022 - Days 13 & 14 (Wheatley Provincial Park to Port Burwell Provincial Park)

Tuesday 24th May – Wheatley Provincial Park to Port Burwell Provincial Park

Our drive from Wheatley to Port Burwell was one on the nicest we have done.  The road was parallel to the lake and dead straight.  The houses along the road are 99% beautiful, not all large but well kept with immaculate lawns.  We kept passing people on their drive-on mowers.  I could easily live along there.  We saw a sign saying that hazel nut growers were needed so I’ve now decided that I would like to live there and grow hazel nuts.  Richard’s only comment was that who was going to pick the hazel nuts!

We saw a number of nodding donkeys, but don’t know what they were nodding for.  Our guess was water.

We took a deviation to a place with only one consonant – Eireau.  We found a car park right on the edge of the beach which was a perfect place for a cup of coffee.

We were quite early arriving at Port Burwell so went into the town.  It was really pretty (when I use the word pretty, don’t think of a Cotswold village, but some of the small towns we have been through are Canadian pretty).  We then drove down to the harbour, parked up and had lunch.

Down at the harbour are some lovely bird houses.  Can you see the birds sitting on he door steps in the first photo?

There is also a lighthouse in Port Burwell.

On our way we stopped for an ice-cream.  We parked outside this shop!  Cannabis is legal in Ontario as it is in Boston

Look at this for an ice-cream!

When we arrived at Port Burwell Provincial Park Richard hired an electric extension cable an we drove to our pitch only to find that we didn’t need one!  Hey ho we just can’t get it right!

Richard did a BBQ this evening.

Wednesday 25th May - Port Burwell Provincial Park

We had to make an emergency shopping trip to Walmart in Tillsonburg.  We were almost out of data!  15gb in 11 days – we couldn’t believe it.  The guys in Walmart were very helpful and turned off a few apps that were taking quite a bit of data.  One of these was Netflix.  We are using Netflix for playing the programmes I downloaded at home, but I wonder if it is playing somewhere in the background.  They also said that the tethering uses up data so I must remember to turn the iPad off when I’m not using it.  Data is expensive, we paid $60 (£37) for 15gb last time and $70 (£43) for 20gb this time.  

We keep seeing signs for Tim Horton’s which we have assumed is an eatery.  There was one just outside Walmart so we went to investigate and ended up by buying 2 beef and cheese rolls.  They were hot and were delicious!

We were driving along and were discussing how immaculate the cemeteries are here, not just mown but strimmed round each grave stone too.  At that point we saw a black car coming towards us with its flashers going, behind it was a hearse also with its flashers going.  These were followed by about 12 more cars with their flashers going.

We decided to call in on Port Stanley and Port Bruce.  Port Stanley was a real disappointment and Port Brice slightly less so – I think we thought they would both be like Port Burwell which we think is lovely.

Port Bruce

One of the animals we have seen a lot of is the black squirrel.  Black squirrels are actually grey squirrels with a genetic mutation that causes them to have black fur. They are more aggressive and territorial than the grey squirrels too, and the result is that the black squirrels will usually run all the other squirrels out of an area.  I borrowed this photo off the internet.  

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