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Friday 24 March 2023

Spain 2023 - March 19th to 21st

Sunday 19th March

Mother’s Day in the UK.  No cards for me   I had been forewarned about this by Victoria as she and Robert had planned on giving the cards to Ingrid to bring out and of course she didn’t come. 

I discovered today that I have a direct line to Father Christmas!!  I had a video call with Robert, Laura and the boys to wish me Happy Mother’s Day.  Bobby was being Bobby and was given three minutes on the naughty step for hitting Tobyn.  While sitting there he took all his clothes off!  When he was “released” he was told to go and say sorry to Tobyn, it wasn’t the best of apologies, so he was made to say it again with the warning that Granny was watching and has a direct line to Father Christmas!!

We had booked Sunday lunch at a new restaurant on the Playa, The Olive Tree.  The restaurant is being followed by the Channel 4 TV programme New Life in the Sun as the owner, Frazer, gets the restaurant ready to open.  I’m not sure if they are going to follow him every now and again as they usually do on the programme.  I have to admit to watching the programme and also a Place in the Sun which precedes it.  When it is cold and dark outside, I love to watch some sunshine!!

My photo of the restaurant wasn’t very good, so I have “borrowed” this one from Facebook. 

Anyway, I digress!  The inside restaurant has a lovely view over the sea, but the outside bit faces the road.  I thought that was where we would be as we had Muffin, but there is one inside dog friendly table, so we were able to have that.  We were having the set Sunday lunch menu.  The starter, which I forgot to photograph was three small dishes.  One was soup, one was pasta and the third was a small pastry which I think contained onions and goats cheese.  I don’t like goats’ cheese, but this was lovely.  The main course came on a large board which was placed in front of me, I couldn’t believe it was all for me – no it wasn’t, it was for both of us!!  Once again, I forgot to take a photo of the desert which was another three small dishes which were a mousse, a piece of cheesecake and a piece of chocolate cake, which I thought was more like ginger cake!  There was so much meat that we couldn’t eat it all so brought some home for Muffin. 

After lunch we walked along the Paseo for a bit then sat and watched the sea.  I could spend hours watching the sea! 

Monday 20th March

We were having visitors today, so a supermarket run was on the cards.  We called into the Parque first for coffee and tried out a new place, Pura Vida.  It’s not new but we have never been before.  We pass it every time we go to the Parque and today it was our choice.  It has a really nice ambience, and I liked the fake grass.  The only problem, and it was a big problem, was that the service was appalling  

A quick nip into Mercadona and then home.

We are off to Cartagena on Wednesday so the afternoon was spent doing some research. 

Muffin was booked in to have a hair cut at 4pm in Garrucha.  We discover Luis back in 2017 when we spotted a Cockapoo with a lovely haircut and asked the owner where he had had it done.  So, each year Muffin has gone his Spanish haircut 😊  Before and after photos. 

We had invited Liz and Phil for a BBQ.  Phil has been here twice this year but Liz has been on grandmother duties in the UK.  It was lovely to see her and she was pleased to be back in the sunshine after the dreary UK.  We had a lovely evening and we will miss seeing them as this is our last long visit to Mojacar, but we are hoping to go for an Autumn visit in 2024!  I bought, what I thought were spring onions for the salad this morning only to find that I think they must be baby garlics as they definitely, aren’t spring onions!!  Fortunately, I didn’t put them in the salad!

Tuesday 21st March

A quiet day and getting ready for our holiday tomorrow!!!

We will be home in two weeks’ time so there were appointments to be made for when we get there.  Also I had to try and sort out our home electricity bill.  Our fixed tariff came to an end at the end of February.  We had spent time online trying to increase our Direct Debit and thought we had done it, but a few days later I had an email from Scottish Power to say that our bank had refused to increase the Direct Debit.  So, today I rang the bank who told me that they hadn’t done anything and that Scottish Power had cancelled the DD.  The next call was to Scottish Power, and everything was plain sailing except that the guy insisted on reading out every rule and regulation that Scottish Power can possibly have.  I was on the phone for 30 minutes!  At the end of the call, he asked me if I would like him to send me what he had just read out by email.  Why couldn’t he have just done that in the first place?  Thank goodness that international roaming is still in place.

I had to throw a few things into a suitcase as we wanted an early start in the morning, and there was just time to sit in my favourite spot and listen to my talking book. 

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