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Thursday 30 March 2023

Spain 2023 - March 25th to 27th

Saturday 25th March

It looked as if it was going to be a hot one today, so we drove up to the Pueblo early, in fact when we got there some of the shops weren’t even open.

The reason for going to the Pueblo was to get some presents to take home.  I got everything we wanted bar one item which I had seen in the Parque so that means one more trip there before we leave on Friday.

We stopped for a coffee on the viewing platform, but in fact we both had Coke Zero as it was too hot for coffee.  I took a few photos as it was our last visit to the Pueblo 😢 

When we turned round and looked at the square, we noticed that the cafes, which had been closed were now all busy and it looked lovely. 

Back down to the car park.  There are two ways of getting up (and down) to the Pueblo.  One is walking and one is in a lift.  Today we realised that we had obviously used the lift on numerous occasions as when Muffin got into the lift he walked to the other end and looked at the door.  He knew that it was a lift that had entrances and the back and the front! 

It was hot when we got back to the villa.  22° in the shade.  I put the thermometer in the sun for a bit and it read 38°!

We learnt a new Spanish driving rule today.  We got to a roundabout and were on it when a group of cyclists, probably 20 or so of them, came haring towards the roundabout from another road and just continued onto the roundabout and proceeded to go up our exit.  Now I can understand that they could not stop as there would have been a big pile up but they were followed onto the roundabout by a car, who shot out in front of us as Richard had already started to move.  Richard slammed his brakes on and the guy in the car just pointed to the cyclists – we assumed he meant that he was with them.  I must check the Spanish highway code on that one!!

A quiet afternoon.

Sunday 26th March

A very quiet day which I spent on Ancestry.  Last night we had watched the film, The Fisherman’s Friend.  As it came to an end Richard wanted to watch the credits as one of his cousins, Johnny Bamford, is a location manager for films and TV series in the West Country.  However, he didn’t see his name (it was there apparently) but we did notice that the production company supported an organisation called The Pearl Exchange which was set up after a 19 year old girl, Pearl Bamford, had committed suicide.  Obviously, Richard was interested to see if Pearl was a relative.  Internet research revealed that Pearl’s parents were Johnny and Rose Bamford.  Johnny is a similar age to Richard so we realised that Pearl couldn’t really be his daughter.  However, research on Ancestry and Google showed that Johnny had remarried, and Rose is 12 years younger than him, so Pearl is his daughter and Richard’s first cousin once removed.  It was sad to find that out, but I think that Richard was relieved that he knew the truth.  I haven’t worked on Richard’s family tree for a long, long time so I spent the afternoon working on it.  I found a few new things, but Johnny is one of 7 children and each one is known by a nickname so It’s quite difficult to work with that.  But honestly, who would actually christen their daughter Snooky??

I said the other day that if there wasn’t much news I would put in a few more photos from our trip to Cartagena.

While I was getting our take away on Wednesday evening, a Police car stopped and put two barriers across the road.  A car came down the road, mounted the pavement and drove down the closed road.  He was followed by others.  What a waste of time!   Muffin was wondering if there would be some meat for him! 

Our apartment was almost in the old town.  When it had been renovated someone had obviously uncovered some old stone work, or was it?  It was a bit difficult to know. 

Monday 27th March

I had a rotten night’s sleep.  The bedrooms all have patio doors out on the veranda with no wreckers.  As it has been so warm, we have been leaving the door open a bit.  Last night as I was nodding off to sleep, I heard a thump.  About 10 minutes later there was another one and this kept on.  In the end I got up and closed the door and left the door onto the landing open.  Back to bed.  Can’t sleep.  Earbuds in and listen to my story.  Drop off.  Wake up, but don’t take ear buds out.  This was repeated until about 2.30am when I must have come too enough to take the ear buds out.  I then went to sleep but this morning I feel as if I have a hangover  

We had arranged to meet Sue and Andy at La Bocaina Beach Club for a drink at lunchtime.  We hadn’t been in there before, but I had often wondered what it was like.  It is, I guess, what I rather imagined a beach bar to be like! 

We had one drink then looked at the menu and decided that we wouldn’t stay there as we really wanted tapas and they don’t serve it.  Opposite are a couple of restaurants and we chose Gastrobar Martin Molares.  Its one of those places where you go in and chose your tapas and then it is served at your table.  I had crab mayonnaise on a small slice of bread and a skewer with half a small potato and a chicken wing.  They were both very good indeed.  After our lunch Sue and Andy came back to our villa for a coffee.  Goodness knows when we will see them again as they are going down to the Thames on their boat while we are heading north this year.

After my rotten night’s sleep I curled up in the swinging chair, put my talking book on and fell fast asleep, and no it was alcohol induced as I had been drinking beer sans alcohol!!

We are trying hard to eat the food that is in the freezer before we go.  I had made various things in the slow cooker but with Ingrid and Bob not coming, we are having to eat it all up.  Tonight was casserole - for the third time in only a few days!

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