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Friday 13 September 2013

Long Itchington (Grand Union) – Wednesday 11th September

I had had a text from Diane last night saying that they would be with us about 9.30am this morning but at 8.30am they came passed – we were still drinking our early morning tea in bed!  They went on up to Calcutt locks and waited there for us – Ray took the opportunity to catch up on some work.

Our mooring spot last night
At Napton Junction the boat we had been following pulled over and there was a big conflab over the map.  It can’t have been that hard surely – it was either straight on or right!

I popped into Calcutt Boats and bought some more coal – we have had the fire lit for the last two nights now and then we lost Muffin.  Richard and I were just going to go searching when I asked Ray if he could just check Ferndale out – yes Muffin was down there eating Banjo’s breakfast!

Next it was the Stockton flight – 10 locks.  We decided to tie the two boats together which gave us three people for the locks while Richard steered the boats.  We were doing really well until we came across a slow hire boat coming up which spoilt our record time!
Mary H and Ferndale tied together
We passed the Blue Lias which was ablaze with colour, we could have moored up there but decided to press on to the bottom of the flight and go to the Two Boats for lunch.  As we got to the bottom it started to spit with rain and got steadily heavier – we were all very glad that we were done for the day and enjoyed our lunch in the pub.

The Blue Lias
We lit the fire as I felt really cold but later in the evening we had every window, hatch and door open as we were way too hot!

Chambers Bridge - Number 100 to Long Itchington
7.98 miles
13 locks

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