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Monday, 17 August 2015

Bridge 110 (South Oxford Canal) – Sunday 16th August

Another lovely morning with ducks quacking and sheep baaing! 

These are rather small for this time of year
I didn’t sleep very well last night and I’m blaming Sue!  She put the photo below on Facebook yesterday and as I always sleep on my right side I kept on waking up and thinking that I should be turning over!

Muffin had his steak breakfast – he couldn’t believe his luck and wolfed it down.  There is still some more for tomorrow.

Napton windmill
FL came down and winded just beside us before heading off to the marina.  We now have a week before heading into the marina ourselves and going home for a few weeks for social occasions :-)  We are going to spend the time just pootling around between Napton and Braunston.  Richard had a bright idea of going up the Braunston flight (6 locks) and down the Buckby flight (7 locks) then turning round and doing them all again – strangely enough I objected to this idea!

View from the side hatch
Richard wasn’t happy with being moored by the winding hole we set off to find somewhere else.  We pulled by The Bridge pub but the people in the next boat had a cat so I thought we should move on.  Muffin loves cats but the game is to chase them!  We moved a few hundred yards up the canal and moored up and that was it for the day!  Other than reading I made another loaf changing the flour ratio giving it a more wholemeal flavour.  I’ll report tomorrow what it is like after we have tried it. 

Victoria made a visit to our house yesterday and we had a Facetime session with her walking round the garden and house showing me how thinks are!  The lawn isn’t too long and there are only a few weeds in the flower bed – thanks to the bark we put down.  However the vine has become a triffid again but does have some grapes filling out nicely.

I’ve been thinking about “Thames Totty”.  If you read yesterday’s blog you will know that it’s the name that Diane, Sue and I gave to our Viber group to keep in contact with each other.  We met Ray and Diane two years ago and cruised with them for a couple of weeks and have met them again twice for a meal while we have been travelling around with the car.  Sue and Andy we hadn’t met before but they are lovely people and I’m sure we will meet them again somewhere.  What the crews of Ferndale and FL possibly don’t realise is just how much they have helped me through a very tough time after my Mother’s death.  I have been very homesick – missing my children and my sister as well as my Mother.  We haven’t lived in each other’s pockets even though we have been moored close by.  We have had time on our own as well as lovely times in their company.  It’s just been nice to know that they have been there.  I think that without them I would probably have gone home only to mope there.  Victoria and Laura coming to Oxford was a great boost for me too.  I know that I will never stop missing my Mother but that it will become easier in time.  Thank you Ray, Diane, Sue and Andy for your unwitting support over the past few weeks.

1.33 miles
0 locks

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