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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Ladder Bridge (South Oxford Canal) – Friday 14th August

We woke up to the sound of rain on the roof but it had been forecast.  We heard Ferndale leaving and steeled ourselves to get out of bed.

Richard got ready to go, pulled pins and set off while I made a casserole in the dry!  Muffin had his waterproofs on too but wanted to be down below with me – not sure if he wanted to be in the dry or because I was handling meat!

It wasn’t far to Ladder Bridge.   A lovely spot with great views only we couldn’t get a spot with a view and even if we had we wouldn’t have been able to see anything through the mizzle but at least it is nice an open here – Fenny Compton was very dark in this weather.

I was sad to read that if HS2 happens it will cross the canal more or less where we are moored.  What a sad day that will be.  Let's hope it doesn't go ahead.


There was light rain and drizzle most of the day but none of the heavy rain that was forecast thank goodness.  We sat and watched the Second Best Marigold Hotel which was excellent and then I had a good sort out of the cupboard under the TV.  It’s a corner cupboard with loads of space but nothing was fitting in.  I found all sorts of rubbish in there which will either be chucked or taken home – the cupboard looks so much better now.  Next was the bookcase and we now have a few books to go to a book swap – I have a feeling there is one at Napton.  I then read the magazines that had been sitting on the coffee table for weeks.  Then what – time to feel all righteous!

That was about it for the rest of the day other than to eat the casserole which was just what we wanted on such a miserable day.

Today’s photos are all ones I have taken over the last few weeks that didn’t quite make the blog at the time so as it hasn’t been the weather to take photos today I thought I would use them.

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