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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

½ Mile East of Evenlode Junction (Oxford Canal / River Thames) – Tuesday 13th September

I know our location is rather specific but that’s where we are according to the GPS and there isn’t anything else around us so it will have to do!

By 11am it was really hot – 25 degrees in the boat and much hotter lockside in the sun.  However, the sun went in and the wind got up but it’s still very warm and I am in strappy top and shorts.

Three locks and we were onto Duke’s Cut and my last manual lock of the season.  I’m jumping ship on Saturday and returning home as my first grandchild is due on the 24th and I want to be at home and closer to my son and daughter-in-law.  Richard will continue back to Newbury with his son as crew.  Am I sorry I have to miss the K & A locks – draw your own conclusion!!

There were two C&RT engineers at Duke’s Cut Lock.  When they saw me going over the bottom gate they reckoned a walkway was needed – I wonder if it will get done.

Our usual mooring place just after coming onto the Thames was taken, as was the next one!  The banks do seem to be much more overgrown than they were a year ago.  I don’t know what will happen in another 12 months but the third was free so we moored up there for lunch and didn’t move again.  It was very hot though there was a breeze which was very welcome.

From the boat we can see a “forest” on a hillside.  I am fascinated to know why all the trees are the same height except for two places.

Sadly, there wasn’t a lovely sunset but the reflection in the river was still lovely.

5.06 miles
4 locks
1 lift bridge

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