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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Spain 2017 - Days 13 & 14

Saturday 14th January

We had a rather late start but we were in no rush though we did see a nice sunrise.  It was then housework – the apartment was beginning to look a bit of a mess!  I tidied, cleaned the bathroom and kitchen while Richard did the vacuuming.  The place looks a lot better now.  We have been here two weeks now and not really done anything in that time!

The housework blitz was because my daughter, Victoria, was flying out today to join us for a week :-)  The flight was late leaving Gatwick as they had to de-ice the aircraft wings and that was at almost midday – it must have been mighty cold there!

We left the apartment about 2.30pm and I tracked Victoria’s flight all the way.  As it was late leaving we weren’t too sure what time it would arrive as the tracker was saying 2 hours 50 minutes which is the scheduled time but the pilot had filed 2 hours 13 minutes.  Just as we arrived at Almeria Airport Google popped up and said that the flight was due at 15.40.  We walked round the corner of the terminal building just as the flight landed – 15.40 exactly – good old Google!  But wait a minute – I hadn’t asked Google about the flight!  It had actually come up with Victoria’s name and flight confirmation number – its quite frightening how much Google knows about us!!!!

Victoria’s suitcase was 6th onto the carousel so she was through pretty quickly.  It was so nice to see her even though we had only been away from home for 17 days!  Muffin went berserk when he saw her as she is his third favourite person in the world!!  He was then allowed to sit on her knee all the way home instead of being in his crate.

We called in to the supermarket where Victoria found a suckling pig – we didn’t buy it!

We went for a quick walk on the beach when we got home before having chilli and baked potatoes for dinner.  Victoria wasn’t impressed – she said that she has come to Spain for Spanish food not chilli!!

Sunday 15th January

Victoria and I were up quite early as we wanted to go to Villaricos to the market.  It seemed to be a slightly bigger market than last week but with less people there.  We found a stall selling secondhand fleeces for €4 and came away with four!  We stocked up on fruit and then made our way back.

We had arranged to go for a Sunday roast to Kukis – a restaurant owned by Brits and just a short walk from the apartment.  We met up with Roly, Bev and Sue – poor Andy wasn’t feeling well so didn’t join us.  The roast was excellent and rather large – still we all managed to eat it and a pudding. 

Once again Victoria wasn’t impressed with the English food!  The trouble is, what is Spanish food?  We looked it up

Tortilla Española – Spanish omelette
Gambas al ajillo – garlic prawns
Tostas de tomate y jamón – tomato and ham on toast
Patatas bravas – fried potatoes in sauce
Pollo al ajillo – garlic chicken
Cochinillo asado – suckling pig
Pisto - ratatouille

I did offer her the suckling pig but she declined.  We bought Tortilla Espanola in the supermarket and we are going to make our own paella. 

We took Muffin for a walk on the beach and he found a rather large stick.  

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