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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Cookham Meadow (River Thames) – Tuesday 18th April

Another about turn!  We are in no hurry! 

Sunshine and a lovely blue sky greeted us this morning. 

I decided to walk back to Hambledon Lock otherwise I wasn’t sure if I would get any more exercise today.  A boat was just going into the lock and I told the Lockie that 2 narrowboats were coming but when I looked back they had only just moved off – goodness knows what they were doing!

Hurley Lock was manned though the self-service sign was up.  I mentioned it to the Lockie who said that it was so quiet that it wasn’t worth him waiting in the office for boats – he would usually hear them and go and help if necessary.  It was about 11am and there had only been 4 boats through the lock before us.

Temple Lock was actually manned – I haven’t seen that for a long time.

Down through Marlow and views of the bridge from the water this time.

 We had to wait at Marlow Lock for 2 large hire motor cruisers to go first. 

This is Thames Lawn and according to Wikimapia is one of the grandest houses on the river. This is a modern building replacing the old house which burned down in 1998.  This 18th century building originally had three storeys. It was once in the possession of Captain J. Nichol Morris, who commanded H.M.S. Colossus, a three-decker ship of the line at Trafalgar. "Thames Lawn's" other claim to fame was as home to James Bond's 'M' in the movie On Her Majesty's Secret Service.  I may be completely wrong with all this and have got my houses muddled up!

I hadn’t really realised how pretty the area to the north of the lock is.

Marlow Lock was manned – so that’s all four of our locks today being manned.  It was then a short hop to Cookham Meadow.  It’s Easter week and there is so much space it’s amazing.

Richard got on and did a bit more on the roof while I tried to sort out a blanket I am crocheting. I am just doing the border round the whole thing and I don’t like how the pattern tells me to do it so I did a small piece of how I think it should be and it works – I hope!  Only time will tell.

We sat out on the bank for a while.  Firstly I had to put my fleece on then it was a hat and gloves – meanwhile my glasses had gone black with the sunshine!

We are moored opposite this house and we have done before.  There is obviously work going on so it will be interesting to see it next year. 

There is also this statue overlooking the river.

10.44 Miles
4 Locks

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