I am Linda and along with my husband Richard and our dog Muffin we enjoy our summers on the UK's canal system

Friday, 28 April 2017

Marlow (River Thames) – Thursday 27th April

We woke up to a lovely day though still cold.  However the wind had dropped.

We left our mooring at 11.30 and headed up to the Bounty at Bourne End.  I have never been to the Bounty so a new experience for me! 

It certainly is a quirky place as I think you will see from the photos. 

It is extremely dog friendly though they do ask you not to let you dog up on the table!  We had lunch – I had a burger but I think Richard had the best deal with lasagne.

Muffin couldn’t believe his luck as he had a dish of sausage and burger for the princely sum of £2!  We did only give him half though as he is not used to such luxuries – he will have the rest tomorrow.

From the Bounty it was a short hop to Marlow.  Marlow Lock was on self-service and it is a big lock - there is a sign that says it takes 9 minutes to fill.

We moored up just beyond Higginson Park where it appears to be free.  Higginson Park is £12 a night! 

The rain started so we decided to hunker down with the fire lit – yet again!

Higginson Park has great facilities – playground, skate park, cricket pitch, bowls club and a Costa Coffee 😊  There is also a Leisure Centre in the park has a swimming pool, gym, tennis facilities and more.  In 2016 Higginson Park achieved the prestigious Green Flag for the thirteenth year running. The award recognises excellence in park management.  Higginson Park was named after General Sir George Higginson, one of Marlow’s most famous residents, a former Crimean war veteran and father of the Brigade of Guards.  There is a brick in grass maze, created by Adrian Fisher to mark the Millennium.  Adrian Fisher is a well-known maze and puzzle designer, responsible for more than 700 mazes in 35 countries since 1979.

3.72 miles
1 lock


  1. Higginson Park moorings are free during the day. The charge is only for over night. It is the same at Henley.