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Friday, 18 August 2017

A pause in blogging

I'm going to take a break in blogging.

I went to Gloucester Hospital A & E yesterday and have been diagnosed with damage to the medial menisci on the right knee.  The knee is swollen and extremely painful.  I need to rest it and apply cold compresses.

We are heading back upstream and will then retrace our steps back to Newbury.  We are going home on August 30th and hope to leave Mary H in the Saltisford Arm.  I have an appointment with my GP who will, hopefully, refer me to the hospital.  Gloucester A & E say that I need an MRI scan but apparently my GP can't arrange one of those - it needs to be done via a consultant.

I will dip in and out of blogging just to let you know how we are progressing and if there is anything startling that I think you should know about!

You may wonder why there is a random photo of Mary H on this post - on Facebook it always shows the first photo on the post and I really don't want that photo to be of a knee!


  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery, take care of yourself. Love Diane and Ray

  2. Hope all goes well. There is nothing worse than being laid up and in pain so keeping fingers crossed that the knee will heal soon. Xxx