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Monday, 28 January 2019

Spain 2019 - A great steak and great cars

Thursday 24th January

I went for a manicure this morning.  My nails are in a real state with splits all over the place.  I had seen that a local place, Beaches, which is run by Brits, offered a treatment so I took them up on it.  The treatment is called IBX – I hope it helps. 

In the afternoon we took a drive out to Turre to find a supermarket called Super-Turre which Sue and Bev had told us about yesterday.  You think you are going into a small shop but wow, once you are in, it’s amazing!  The aisles are quite narrow, but the choice of things is extensive - I even managed to get the hair conditioner I had been looking for!  The wine selection is varied with some very expensive ones in there.  I found a blog post written by someone in 2010 – it is certainly worth reading.  It is written in Spanish but hopefully whatever you are reading this on will translate it for you.  Super-Turre  The shop goes the whole width of this building.

 Friday 25th January

This morning we went back to Turre to the market.  I knew exactly what I wanted and went to the same stall as usual.  However, I got waylaid by another stall and found a purse, which hopefully, will be just the “one”!  The purse I use in the UK has lots of slots for cards and, boy, do I have a mass of various cards!  I only carry two cards when I am abroad, so it doesn’t make sense to carry it around with me.  In Euro countries I like to separate my coins – Euros and 50 cents in one side and the rest in the other.  I can never remember which coin is which even though their sides are different.  So far, I am pleased with it.  After the market we joined the others for a drink/coffee/tapas at a nice bar opposite the Super-Turre which meant I had to go in for another visit!

In the evening we went to a very nice Argentinian steak house, El Gaucho.  We like it as the steaks are cooked over coals and taste lovely.  We asked if we could have two garlic breads for starters and were told that maybe we should only have one – the chap was right!  In fact, one between four would have been better!  At least we couldn’t eat any pudding.

Saturday 26th January

A very quiet day with a lovely walk in the afternoon.

Sunday 27th January

Richard heard on the grapevine that there was a classic car show on today which was being held the other side of Mojacar.  We took ourselves off to have a look.  It was only small – in fact if you had blinked you have missed it but it had a long name – 9-5-0 Classic and Performance Car Show!  These are just a few of the cars I liked.

But I loved this 1957 Austin Metropolitan.  Look at the engine!!

And then compare it to a modern day engine!

We stopped off at Moca to have some lunch – I had a lovely quiche and salad.

It was a glorious day so after sitting in the sun (in fact I had to move as it was hot) we took Muffin for his first proper swim since we have been here.  He just loves swimming.

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