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Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Spain 2019 - A quiet time

Wednesday 20th March

A quiet morning before going up to the Parque.  I wanted to go to the gift shop for a gift!  Also, Consum to get some gin – they sell Gordons in plastic bottles at €11 for a litre.  While we were there, we had a mushroom and brie toastado before walking across to see Coastal Properties.

While doing the rental searching for I & B for 2020, I discovered that there are not really enough rental properties to go around – especially dog friendly ones – for the Brits who want to escape the British winter.  However, after visiting three rental agencies we were no further forward.  I think the bottom line is that we are asking too early, but no one can guarantee that we will even get a rental for 2021.  Most people, when they find a rental they like, book it for years in advance.  We came unstuck and fell off the property ladder last year when we had to cancel after Richard’s heart operation.  Also, booking a one off for 2020 has kept us off the ladder.  We can’t have the villa we are having next year for 2021 as the owners will be using it.  So, the BIG question is should we buy our own place?  We have a rental property in the UK which brings in a regular income so should we sell it and buy over here but the income will not be guaranteed.  Big decision which will take some time to make.

In the evening we went up to Bella Vista for dinner with Joanne and Steve, a Canadian couple we met last year.  Joanne and I have kept in contact and we have seen them around but they are only here for March and we have had visitors for a good part of it so it was nice to catch up.  See you next year Joanne!

Thursday 21st March

I spent the morning sorting out, upstairs, in preparation for leaving on Saturday.  I hate this bit as it now means that we are definitely going   On one hand I really don’t want to leave but on the other hand I am looking forward to getting home and seeing everyone – especially Tobyn 😊

In the afternoon we (well Richard really) bundled all our unused logs into trugs and we (this is where I come in!) took them up to next year’s villa.  Steve and Dorothy have very kindly said that we can store them there so we can use them next year.

On our way back after the second load of logs we called into the Euro Market to buy a suitcase.  I had planned our journey out here but not really thought about our return journey.  We are taking 6 days to get back so need more clothes than a hand luggage suitcase will hold.  You will learn more about our return over the next week.

I continued the sorting out but this time in the kitchen.  I am hoping that there won’t be as much to go home as we brought down but I have a sneaking suspicion that there well might be!

Today’s photos were all taken by Victoria’s boyfriend, James.  They are so lovely I just couldn’t resist putting them in here.  The last one is of my Step-father, my son and my grandson – three generations 😊

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