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Friday 12 July 2019

East Street Moorings, Oxford (River Thames) Thursday 11th July

I was really worried that we wouldn’t get into East Street moorings again today and my tummy was churning – stupid I know!  My daughter, Victoria and her boyfriend, James, are joining us tomorrow morning for a few days and we wanted to be near car access as they are bringing up a few things. 

I had seen a few boats who had been moored at East Street yesterday, going down the river so I was hopeful.  We left our mooring at 10am and headed back up stream and through Osney Lock.  As we turned the corner, I could see a few spaces and my tummy went back to normal!!
The Head of the River pub is looking the worse for wear
We spent the rest of the day doing chores.  Richard had cleaned each time he left the boat back in June, but it was a man clean!  I think we are back to normal now.

I forgot to say yesterday that I had fun and games whilst cooking dinner on Wednesday night.  I was attempting to do chicken with roasted vegetables, but the oven kept on going out. It would appear that each time the fan came on the gas went out.  I think in the end it took almost two hours to produce over cooked chicken and either burnt or soggy veg!  I must do some research on what could be wrong with the oven.  However, I cooked something in the oven tonight and it behaved perfectly.

Victoria arrived about 7.30pm and we unloaded all hers and our stuff then she and I went to Waitrose – I can’t believe how much I bought for 3 days and we are going out for a meal tonight!  She then went off to a hotel to join James for the night.  James is a cameraman and has been filming both in Wales and Oxford this week.

I got this photo from Laura, my daughter-in-law today.  I had sent Tobyn a “big brother” card when Bobby was born, and it finally arrived today.  Bobby was a month old on Wednesday!  Please don’t anyone say it would have helped if there was an address on the envelope!!

One of the things that Victoria has brought up is a small mains/12v fridge.  When we have visitors my fridge is always rammed and there is never anywhere to put drinks and in this weather cold drinks are a must.  We can keep it under the table when not in use.  We are fortunate to have a lot of kitchen worktop so it isn’t a hindrance at all.

While I was sitting outside waiting for Victoria to arrive Muffin was sat beside me.  I’m convinced that he knew someone was coming as every person that walked by he examined and every car got more than a cursory glance.  I don’t think he knew who was coming but he was over the moon to see Victoria.  Muffin has a pack, Richard, myself, Victoria and James and he is never completely happy unless we are all in the house!  He will love to see James tomorrow.

2.05 miles
1 lock

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