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Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Spain 2020 - getting back to normal

Friday 14th February

As I am gradually catching up with the blog, I am finding it hard to remember what has happened over the past couple of weeks. But here goes!

Today we needed to try and get back to normal living and put everything that has happened, behind us.

As it was Friday it was Turre market.  I wanted to go to the jewellery stall for two reasons. One was to try and replace the Indalo Man and chain that was stolen and two was to pick up Victoria’s ring which I had taken in last Friday as one of the diamonds had come out.  Thank goodness I had taken it back as otherwise I’m sure it would have been stolen.  I found a lovely Indalo man and they also had some Labradorite bracelets and I and was also able to get very similar one to the one that had been stolen.  My Mother had spent a few holidays in Mojacar and liked it very much so I’m sure she would have approved of me replacing the bracelet here.  I would love to put some photos on here of my new jewellery, but I really don’t think it would be a good idea!  Will this do instead?

There is an English café in Turre called Rosie Lees.  We hadn’t been before as I didn’t know where it was, but I found it today.  We had a lovely lunch of paninis.

From Turre we went to the English post office in Vera to collect my iPad which I set up when we got home.  Well it really set itself up!  I switched it on, and it said Hola then Hello.  I had to answer a few questions and put in my login details and it just chuntered away for quite some time and the next time I looked everything was just as the old one had been.  I didn’t even have to do anything with the wi-fi as my iPhone did that! 

Saturday 15th February

Andy and Sue came up for a coffee this morning.  It was very hot and somehow, I managed to burn my right foot!

In the afternoon we took Muffin down to the beach – he so loves it there.

Sunday 16th February

I can’t remember anything that happened today, so I guess it was just a quiet one.

Monday 17th February

We met Andy and Sue at La Bohemia, a tapas bar/café on the Paseo.  It was our first visit though Andy and Sue had been before.  The tapas was excellent, what we call proper tapas as so many restaurants offer racions or portions, but this was just right 😊  We will be back.

Not my photo
In the afternoon I started work on the two insurance claims.  I hadn’t been able to do the main one before as I needed to get some replacement receipts from the jewellery stall at Turre market.  I decided to do it as a Word document and insert all the photos along with how much each item cost and how much it would be to replace.  It took quite a while to write it all as I had to find photos and photograph receipts, but eventually I got it finished and sent it off.  The second claim had to wait as I can’t apply for a replacement driving licence until I get my passport back.

Tuesday 18th February

This morning I got an email from our local Ford garage at home telling us that our car needs it’s first MOT on April 1st.  I just ignored it.

In the evening we went to Martin Morales with Liz and Phil.  None of us had been before but the food was excellent.  A menu del dia which cost €16.95. Excellent service too though it was quite quiet.
Not my photo

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