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Wednesday, 5 August 2020

King’s Sutton (Oxford Canal) – Monday 3rd August

A usual start time for us though maybe we should have gone earlier!  As I emerged from the bedroom after a leisurely shower and hair wash Richard said that four boats had gone passed us and maybe we should get a move on!  We moved on down through the building works.

 This is going to be a 117 bedroom Premier Inn and on the other side will be a ten-screen cinema.

At the lift bridge we saw that there were already four boats in the basin waiting for the lock, so we hung about until one went through.  Maffi came to help out and that certainly worked as the boats got through the lock so much quicker than they would have done with their hire boat crews.  Under the bridge then a wait until it was finally my turn and a right cock up I made of it!  The hire boats had gone through with hardly a knock but the private boat (moi) bashed into the gate quite hard ☹  I am most ashamed!  

 We picked up a hitch-hiker in the lock who stayed with us until I pulled over at the services!

Our next port of call was Morrisons, to stock up on the fresh stuff.  We aren’t too sure when we will next get to a shop though it may well be Waitrose in Oxford.  I was also able to pick up the new GPS Receiver from the Amazon lockers – what a wonderful system that is.

There was a queue at Grant’s Lock which was not helped by a C&RT boat moored on the lock landing.  The lock cottage at Grant’s Lock was burnt out last week.  The Banbury Guardian said

“The Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service responded to a fire at the Lock Keeper's cottage in Bodicote around 7.45pm.

Firefighters from four crews responded to the fire, which included Banbury, Hook Norton, Bicester and Brackley fire stations.

An Oxfordfordshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said the investigation into the fire is ongoing and involves Thames Valley Police.”

We planned to moor up at King’s Sutton which we did though rather short of where I had planned!

I spent the afternoon trying to get Navvygator to work with the new GPS Receiver.  So much for me doing a plug and play – why don’t things work like that?  My last laptop was stolen while we were in Spain earlier this year, so I guess the original settings were lost.  Our very tech savvy friend Steve, who also uses Navvygator, tried to help remotely (the wi-fi signal wasn’t strong enough) so we tried a phone call but all to no avail.  I even tried on Richard’s laptop but couldn’t get it to work on there either.  I have emailed Water Explorer to see it they have any suggestions.  Watch this space.

There was a lovely moon this evening.

3 miles
2 locks

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