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Saturday 22 June 2013

Lodge Lane Bridge 213 (Trent & Mersey) - Friday 21st June

Our neighbourly noisy crow woke us up again this morning but at 5am today. Not only was he "singing" but pecking at one of our stainless steel mushroom vents - whether he could see himself in it we don't know, but once again a boat rock cured him!

We said our farewells to Vera and John and went down through Vale and Hunt's locks.  We stopped at the services in Northwich and I went back and said hello to Marianne and Mike on Dormouse who were on the visitors moorings, as we had missed them on Wednesday.

We moored up at the bottom of the Anderton boat lift and Richard went to book us in - we were to go on the next one.  I had lunch ready for when he got back and we were just finishing as we were directed into the lift.  We were joined in the lift by the most miserable boater we have ever come across  - he didn't say a word!  Also the stale of stale cigarette smoke emanating from the boat was really off putting and we couldn't wait to get to the top and get on our way.  The only trouble was that he was going the same way as us and meandered along at about 2mph!

Being creative!
Going up the lift
Muffin at the top
Our destination for tonight was the site of the Dutton breach back in September.  For those of my readers who are not boaters please follow this link to find out more about it.  I knew that C&RT had made a feature of the breach and had put mooring rings in BUT would you believe it - there is a long stretch of concrete walling with rings in the middle for about five boats and no rings at either end.  However we and another boat hammered pegs into the new hoggin towpath and there was still rom for another two boats.  I feel another email to C&RT coming on.

Dutton breach moorings
I think this speaks for itself!
Muffin made a friend of the dog on the boat behind us.  Scamp is just two months older than Muffin and they had such fun and even ran right down the breach bank!  Muffin actually came back when we called him - things are improving!

Muffin and Scamp
If you look closely you can see two dogs in the distance - they almost rolled down the bank!
Richard took Muffin for a walk and came back saying that he had found a nicer mooring place further along the canal which wasn't under trees, so we upped pins and moved.  He was right it was nicer though we are on a slight curve - Muffin wasn't best pleased though!

9.2 miles
2 locks
1 boat lift
2 tunnels

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