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Friday 21 June 2013

Thursday 20th June

I was woken this morning at 4.30 am by the sound of a crow "singing" away on the roof.  It sounded just like a phone with a strange engaged signal!  The only way I could get rid of him was to get out of bed and rock the boat, he then flew away but came back again!  I think he gave up after about an hour!

The weir and weir stream
We had decided to stay put for the day which is maybe just as well as it started to rain about 11am. Saddo that I am I spent the day making a spreadsheet of blogs, some which I was already following and some which I am now following.  I find it fascinating reading other people's blogs and have learnt a lot.  One I'm following at present is NB Huffler who is coming south along the Rochdale canal - we are going north in about a week.  I'm a bit worried as they do seem to keep mentioning a shortage of water!

Quite a grown up family
John and Vera on Felicitas arrived at some stage during the day but as it was raining we didn't see them until the rain stopped and we ventured out.  Richard spent the afternoon polishing one side of the boat using his new electric polisher that I gave him for Christmas (I do give him the most wonderful presents!!). I went and had a cuppa with Vera and John and then went back to Mary H to try out another new recipe.
Vera and John joined us for a glass or two of wine after dinner and we learnt a lot more about the Rochdale canal as they did it last summer.  The problem is that so far we haven't come across anyone going northwards yet.

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  1. Margaret on Huffler is always a good read. We were with them on the Chesterfield Canal in May.

    Have you picked up on the changed arrangements for the summit pound of the Rochdale Canal since you bought our Richlow Guides in January?

    The ammendments and Updates section of our updates blog has details. See the entry for 22/03/2013.