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Monday 12 August 2013

Bosley Bottom Lock (Macclesfield Canal) – Sunday 11th August

We didn’t set off down the locks until about 11.30am – not sure why it was so late but hey who cares?!

Bosley Top Lock
But oh the locks - they are well maintained, easy to operate paddles and well balanced gates and then there is the scenery – wow, fantastic, amazing, marvellous, wonderful!!  The Bosley flight has got to be my most favourite flight of locks ever!  12 brilliant locks – I have literally been on a high all afternoon!!  It was also a sociable flight with quite a few boats coming up so time for a quick natter – we have missed that on the Rochdale and Huddersfield.

The Bosley Cloud got nearer and nearer – I kept taking photos thinking that I wouldn’t get a better one but now we are moored at the bottom of the flight and have a wonderful view of it. 

The Cloud getting closer
I spent the afternoon writing letters, well on the computer anyway and dragging the printer out of the cupboard - I had a letter of complaint to write to HMRC.  Richard used the nice afternoon to start painting the cant rail.

After dinner we walked across the Dane Aqueduct and then down to the river to look up at the huge high structure.  We were trying to make Muffin go into the river to fetch a stick – he is getting the idea but doesn’t like going out of his depth.
Looking down
Looking up!
We have no phone or internet signal and, do you know what, I don’t care!!  You won’t often hear me say that but today has got to be one of the best days that I’ve had on the cut in four years J

Bosley Top Lock to Bosley Bottom Lock
1.34 miles
12 locks

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