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Tuesday 13 August 2013

Biddulph Aqueduct (Macclesfield Canal) – Monday 12th August

I actually wrote September on the title for this blog entry by mistake but we are finding the evenings and mornings so much more like September than August –

We were a bit late getting up this morning – our alarm clock overslept!!  I think Muffin must have been exhausted yesterday and he just couldn’t wake up!
Afternoon siesta
We headed down to Congleton.  I had hoped that the canal would be as nice yesterday but it was rather dark and overgrown – fortunately I had to do the ironing anyway so it didn’t really matter.

We moored up on Biddulph Aqueduct which was probably about the first really open part in our short trip.

In the afternoon I caught the train back to Macclesfield to collect my new glasses.  I have to say that Specsavers were extremely good with the service I received.  The glasses were ordered and received back in Winchester in six days.  I got a phone call to say that they would be couriered up to Macclesfield that night.  I got a phone call from Macclesfield the next day to say they had arrived.  So a seven day service which included getting them from one end of the country to the other.  The only problem is that they aren’t right!!  My old ones were occupational lenses (intermediate at the top and reading at the bottom) and these are only intermediate – great for the laptop but I have to change them to read L

View of the viaduct from the boat
I had a good wander round Macclesfield and got soaked!  I was at the cash machine when the rain started to hammer down.  I was in mid transaction so couldn’t stop!  In that short time I looked like a drowned rat.

My train got back into Congleton about 4.30pm and there was Richard and Muffin waiting to meet us.  There were quite a few people getting off the train and Muffin was eagerly watching for me – he went berserk when he saw me, anyone would think that I had been gone for a week!!

Just a nice photo!
Richard cooked dinner tonight – an unusual event!  Mind you it was only a scrummy homemade pie that I had bought on the market in Macclesfield.  Richard did say that he really ought to stretch his culinary skills so I need to find a nice easy recipe for him now J

Bosley Bottom Lock to Biddulph Aqueduct
3.43 miles
0 locks

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