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Wednesday 18 September 2013

Braunston (Grand Union / Oxford Canal) – Monday 16th September

Today we, once again, let ourselves be ruled by the weather forecast.  Tomorrow, they reckon, it’s going to rain all day so we decided to make a dash for Barby Moorings – Mary H’s new home.

We pulled away from our mooring place in front of another boat (that sounds really bad but was a long way back) and went up the Calcutt locks with Enseabee.  We stopped at the top and I went and got milk and then headed on.

A strange boat
A really strange thing happened as we were passing a moored boat (the one in the photo) I was sitting writing the blog when the Perspex window fell out of the side hatch hole and into the canal!  All I can think is that I hadn’t quite put the bolts in properly this morning and the vibration from the tick over must have vibrated them undone L  The Perspex was very scratched and Richard was thinking of making a new one but now he will definitely have to!
Braunston Turn
Ah – a change of plan!  Tony from Barby Moorings suggested that we leave going in until tomorrow as it is very windy there today so we moored up in Braunston just round the corner from Braunston Turn.  I have heard so many moans in the past about phone signal in Braunston and have been caught myself but here we are with an excellent internet and PHONE signal – the first decent one for days.
Muffin had to have a shower this afternoon.  He had rolled in something unmentionable again.  We had been threatening him with a shower for days so I’m jolly glad we hadn’t given him one before today.

I finally got my Sunday lunch on Monday evening!  We went and partook of the Two for One offer at the Boathouse.  It was OK but not brilliant but I guess as it is two for one you can’t expect perfection.

Daventry Road Bridge to Braunston
6.68 miles
3 locks

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