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Tuesday 29 July 2014

Broxbourne (Lea and Stort Navigation) – Monday 28th July

It rained during the night – I have no idea how much or how heavy!  The day felt so much fresher this morning.  A lovely relief.
Lee Valley Boat Centre
We had planned to stop at Broxbourne to say hello to Margaret and Tony from Huffler.  Then I got a message from Mimi and Richard (NB Magic) who we met last summer in Manchester to say that we would be passing their house and to stop.  As we approached we could see Huffler along with Jola and Charlotte moored up almost opposite Mimi’s house.  (At this stage I should add that all four crews are great friends otherwise it might all get very complicated!) Mimi and Richard were in their garden and called us across for coffee.  We sat in their garden for a couple of hours chatting and then they invited us to join them and the crews of Huffler, Jola and Charlotte for dinner.

Magic at the bottom of Mim and Richard's garden
We had a quiet afternoon and then got ready to go out.  We were leaving Muffin in his crate – he hates being left behind.  We shut the boat up and walked away – all was quiet then he started his high pitched bark.  We just had to leave him – we can’t let him rule our lives.  We walked round to Richard and Mim’s and Richard drove two car loads to the Galley Hall at Hoddesdon.  We had been warned not to have a starter as the portions are big and they were right!  I had a Steak Special which was a sirloin steak with chips, peas and salad and it cost £7.95 – the steak was the size of a pub normal portion, very good value and well cooked.  It was a lovely evening with 9 of us all chatting about boating in general and also we got some good tips for our trip onwards up the river.  Whether I can remember them all is another matter!  Our companions for the evening were Mim and Richard from Magic, Margaret and Tony from Huffler, Jenny and Tony from Jola and Daphne from Charlotte.
Our dinner companions

We got back to a quiet boat and a very happy dog to see us again.  He had chewed a bit more of his bed that goes in this crate and even eaten the chew that we had given him which he usually leaves until we get back.  We must persevere with him – he is fine at home and in the car it’s just the boat!

3.71 miles

3 locks

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