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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Thames Court, Shepperton (River Thames) – Tuesday 22nd July

I had an awful night.  I got to sleep quite easily but then woke up at 1am and couldn’t get back to sleep.  I got up and fired up the laptop and Richard appeared – he couldn’t sleep either.  We both went back to bed about 2am.  At 3am I got cramp in both my lower legs and after hopping around a bit – it went.  BUT at 4am I woke up with cramp in my right thigh and up into my groin.  I’m not kidding you let me go through childbirth anytime!  The sweat was just dripping off me – I just couldn’t get comfortable.  Of course Richard woke up but there was nothing he could do really but in the end I asked him for a wet tea towel which I put on the leg and gradually the pain subsided.  I have never experienced cramp like it before.  At 5am I woke up with lower leg cramp again but fortunately that seemed to subside quite quickly.  Richard let me sleep in but someone in the house opposite decided to blow all the goose poo off his lawn about 9am – so that was the end of my lie in.

Our view of Thames Court
Richard chasing the only bit of shade
(That is NOT our rope tied to the tree!)
The rest of the morning was quiet thank goodness though very hot.  Mid-afternoon we had more visitors but only for a short time.  Barbara and Phil brought their lovely grandsons, Dylan and AJ, down to see the boat - we had a cup of tea then walked to the café at the lock and had an ice-cream. 
Dylan and AJ trying to take a reluctant Muffin for a walk!
Dylan and AJ
In the evening we went over to Thames Court to meet up with Barbara and Phil again for a meal.  I have known Barbara since I was 21 – so 40 years HELP!  I know Barbara will read this – had you realised it was so long??!  The pub was very busy with only two people taking food and drink orders – at times the queue was out of the door!  We had a long wait for our meal but it didn’t matter as the company was so good :-)  See you on Hayling next!

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