I am Linda and along with my husband Richard and our dog Muffin we enjoy our summers on the UK's canal system

Friday 24 July 2015

Abingdon (River Thames) – Thursday 23rd July

Having just got used to setting off at 9.30am we set off at 9am today.  It was my idea so that we could get to Abingdon before lunch but I didn’t sleep after 4am worrying that we would oversleep.  Of course we didn’t!

Up through the gentle Clifton Lock and then the violent Culham Lock! 

Abingdon was really busy as usual.  We tried to moor just after the bridge but we couldn’t get in.  FL went on the town side and just as they were mooring a boat came out of the field side so Ferndale went in there and we breasted up.  We had just finished tying up when the boat behind FL went so Ferndale went over there and we stayed on the field side because of Muffin.  So complicated sometimes!

Richard and I walked into Abingdon to get some shopping.  I thought I would try and download a film onto the iPad.  I keep reading that people do it so I thought I could too.  Nope!  I got onto the Nat West’s free wifi and started the download – boy it was slow!  We even went into the bank but nothing seemed to happen.  We gave up.  Next it was Waitrose.  Again I logged on to their wifi and walked round doing my shopping – the green line seemed to get a little longer but it was still only across by a third.  We gave up again and came back to the boat.  Maybe I need to be more patient – next time we will go into a pub and have a meal perhaps that will be enough time.

While I was sat on the bank a log floated by with three ducks having a ride and enjoying the opportunity to do some preening.

During the evening there was a knock on the boat and there was Sue.  She had walked round to bring us a lovely newly baked loaf.  I shall look forward to that for lunch tomorrow.  Thank you Sue x

7.93 miles
2 locks

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