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Monday 27 July 2015

Above Eynsham Lock (River Thames) – Sunday 26th July

Another horrid day like Friday but windy today too.

We said yesterday that we would look at the weather forecast in the morning and see whether to move on or not.  We decided that if it was going to be like Friday then we would stay put but the others weren’t too sure at that stage.  I opened the curtains this morning at about 7.40am to find that they had gone!!  It was a bit of a shock to say the least.

I had a rotten headache so went back to sleep and was woken up by the smell of bacon frying – it was lunchtime!
View from the boat - taken yesterday
Above Oxford the Environment Agency have been putting out port and starboard buoys to mark where there are shallows.  Last night someone went aground and had to be towed off and lo and behold someone else did it today.  A boat tried to pull them off but failed so they had to wait for a couple of hours until another boat came along who managed to free them.  Richard said that at Godstow Lock the Lockie told him that there were markers and to keep the greens ones to the right and the red ones to the left.  Obviously some people feel they don’t need to worry about such trivialities!
This cow spent a lot of her time beside us
That was about it for the day – when it rains and you are in the middle (well not literally) of a big field there isn’t’ much to do.

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