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Tuesday 31 May 2016

Weybridge (River Thames) – Monday 30th May

There was no rush to get up this morning so I had a nice lie in with breakfast in bed :-)  I thought I would send FL a text to see what time they would be passing us so I could wave only to get a reply that they were behind us!  We went in for a cuppa and chat and returned to Mary H to get ready to go out to lunch.

We took the ferry across the river to the Shepperton side and were met by one of my old friends, Andy, who took us back to their house where Chris was making a lovely lunch – the smell of roasting chicken was lovely.  Chris and Andy live opposite where I used to live in Shepperton and their youngest daughter, Hazel, is the same age as Victoria.  We had a lovely catch-up afternoon but it was soon time to go back and catch the last ferry back to Weybridge.

The ferry is expensive at £3 each for a return ticket but the young ferryman told us that our ticket would give us £3 off in Nauticalia (they run the ferry).  We wanted a couple of things so went in and in fact got £4.50 off!  So the ferry only cost us £2.50!

We had arranged that when we got back we would go to the pub with FL and Klara so we toddled up to the Old Crown and had a couple of drinks.  This must be the final farewell!!

We got back to the boat to this lovely sunset.

I have to confess that the first two photos were taken a couple of years ago on a beautiful sunny day – it wasn’t like that today sadly :-(  But they are the same views as we have had this year.

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