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Wednesday 1 June 2016

Constables Boat Yard, Hampton (River Thames) – Tuesday 31st May

The forecast had been for a wet morning and they were VERY right!!  It was horrible outside.  I think I only saw one boat moving all morning.

The BBC had said that the rain would stop at about 1pm and it did - well on and off.  We got ready to go and went and said a FINAL farewell to FL and Klara.  This was definitely it as we were heading downstream and they will head upstream tomorrow.
This statue is in Reading by the jail
I started to feel quite poorly with my tooth.  I haven’t said much about it recently but the pain hasn’t gone away.  The tooth next to the one that was taken out was very tender before I went to the dentist last week and it has gradually got worse.  I have an appointment to see the dentist tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon.

Lovely horse chestnut trees
We arrived at Constables Boat Yard and moored up.  Connected to the mains electricity (yeay!) and hunkered down for the rest of the day as it really wasn’t very nice.

Today is the last day of this part of our summer cruise.  Tomorrow we go home and get ready to go to France for 3½ weeks.  We are taking the caravan across to Le Havre and then going to the west of Paris, stopping at Le Mans for 2 nights and then have 3 days to get down to Besançon.  We then meet up with my sister and brother-in-law, Penny and Jim, and are  then off the Boofzheim to pick up a Le Boat and will cruise the Canal du Rhône au Rhin through Strasbourg and onto Hesse where we finish.  We then pick up the caravan and motorhome and go to Liverdun, Epernay and ending in Rouen before heading back across the English Channel.  We hope to be back on Mary H around July 9th/10th.  I will blog while we are away but when I can get some wi-fi.
Look out dog!
 Today’s photos are ones from our trip that are left over!
5.78 miles
I lock

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