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Monday, 24 April 2017

Thames Court, Shepperton (River Thames) – Sunday 23rd April

Oh dear – what a day   We were going to Richard’s youngest step-daughter, Ollie’s, house for lunch and her sister, Sophie, was coming too.  With four children running around aged from 18 months to    it was very hectic but great fun.  Lunch was lovely but Ollie’s husband, Charlie, is a wonderful host and kept topping my glass up without me knowing!  I know you are saying “but you didn’t need to drink it” but I did and did not feel very well.  I won’t go in to details but what I will say is that I haven’t felt that for probably 25 years! 

We had planned to see friends, Shirley and Barry, in the evening and we didn’t get back to the boat until 10 minutes before their planned arrival.  We had planned to meet them in Thames Court but they had decided to close at 4pm – they didn’t say!  Anyway to cut a long story short I collapsed on the bed and woke up about an hour later hearing voices.  Richard, Shirley and Barry chatting in the boat! Richard had explained my absence and was doing a fine job of entertaining our guests.  I joined the party feeling about 90% and it was really nice to catch up with Shirley and Barry.

So what a day!  I can’t really believe that I got myself into such a state – at my age I should know better.  I will watch Charlie in future.

I didn't take any photos so I've added one of Muffin taken last week and a collage of photos of my gorgeous grandson who I miss so much.

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