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Wednesday 4 September 2019

East Street, Oxford (River Thames) – Tuesday 3rd September

Have you missed me??  No, I thought not!  I’ve been at home for a few days getting my “Granny fix” and forgot to tell you.

I went home on Thursday from Oxford.  3 trains!  Oxford to Reading, Reading to Guildford, Guildford to Havant and then a taxi to home on Hayling Island.  I had a wonderful time with my two little grandsons.  Bobby, the baby, is now 12 weeks old and smiling all the time and beginning to chuckle and gurgle.  Tobyn is Tobyn and just scrummy!  He and I had our cuddles in bed on Sunday morning before he went to get some toys and never came back!  As I think I said last time – staying with them is quality time – I will have to find an excuse to stay again once we are home!

On Sunday we all went over to Hayling Island to visit the donkey sanctuary.  I sponsored a donkey for Tobyn at Christmas, but he didn’t really understand when I tried to tell him about HIS donkey, Bertie.  This was the second time we had taken Tobyn to see the donkeys, but the first time was a disaster and he threw a bit of a wobbly as a 2 year old can!  Fortunately, this time was a success and he loved it. 

Some of the donkeys were wearing stockings to keep the flies at bay, I have to say that Bertie did look funny!

This is a close up of Bobby!  I get so involved with the boys that I forget to take photos.

Today I took my 3 trains to get back to Oxford again.  I was a bit concerned about the last train (from Reading) as it was going to Newcastle!  I wasn’t too sure about ending up there.  As it was the first stop was Oxford – phew!  Close to where I was sitting were three ladies, not travelling together but just chatting.  They had all been visiting family, son and daughter-in-law, and were not being very nice about them – mainly the daughter-in-law.  It made me chuckle and very pleased that I have a super daughter-in-law 😊

Richard and Muffin were at the station to meet me.  Muffin had his eyes fixed on the gate waiting for me to come through but somehow he missed me and I was right in front of him before he realised – he then went berserk.

As we walked back to the boat, I noticed a little bridge with a huge spider’s web – I hope the spider isn’t huge!

We had a Tesco delivery in the afternoon – why walk down to Waitrose and struggle back with shopping when you can get it delivered!!

Tonight is our last night on the Thames

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